Welcome to The Town Doctor‘s™ Porch!

The porch is an American pastime. It’s where conversations are started, left off, relationships built, food shared and place to put up your feet at the end of the day. Here on The Town Doctor’s porch we’ll share how we’re doing our part to clean up healthcare, simplifying the cost and enhancing the quality each person receives.  We all have a soapbox – something we want to share or we want to say. Ours is sitting right here out front. So we listened. We listened closely to people, collecting input, ideas, and feedback to provide a model of healthcare that delivers.


    • a box or crate used as a makeshift stand by a public speaker.
    • a thing that provides an opportunity for someone to air their views publicly.

Through a mission to bring HOPE to healthcare we’ve created movement that’s making a REAL difference in the community around us. We invite you to use this a place and space to learn more about how we can help champion your health & wellness, point you in the right direction as you navigate the healthcare system for people centered care, and bring awareness of local opportunities for good health in the communities around us.  A trusted doctor-patient relationship is important, and here in this place we will share knowledge and resources to keep you, your family and employees healthy. Choosing the right care matters. YOU matter. With thoughtfully selected and personalized care, our care ‘gives forward’ in a number of meaningful ways. Feel encouraged? or find something interesting here you think might help someone else? Please feel free to share it! After all we hope to see The Town Doctor’s influence reach far and wide so others have an option for decidedly different healthcare too.

Let’s begin here. And let’s start with some chocolate. Why? Because who doesn’t love chocolate? It just seems to be one of those things that brings us together, and puts a smile on someone’s face even when all this talk of healthcare has people upside down. We trust you’ll stick around or check back regularly because we’ll continue to share about how we’re successfully changing that.

Oh goodness we appreciate delicious food. And we love Nashville!  A visit to one of our favorite little nooks in historic Germantown and we found ourselves sipping a delicious layered espresso and hot chocolate topped with heavy cream – aptly called Bicerin representative of a hot drink from Italy alongside a customized, shareable plate of 6 incredibly tasty bite sized chocolate truffles at Tempered Cafe & Chocolate. You must check it out! I’ll tell you more about that in a hot minute. Let’s back up a few steps, find a cozy spot by the window, or if you prefer grab a seat on the French inspired table for 2 just outside the front door. Tempering chocolate is a slow process, one that stabilizes the molecules bringing it to the ideal state for ultimate enjoyment. Similarly The Town Doctor is bringing a strength & soundness to a model of primary care that’s both refreshing & satisfying. Quality is where it’s at, and there’s nothing artificial about the real access and affordable care we provide.

We began with a Bruxelles sandwich on fresh sourdough. Stacked high with delicious protein packed turkey, melted gruyere, homemade garlic aioli, and just the right amount of avocado bacon jam, it’s sure to impress even the most poignant connoisseurs. Did you know that avocados are great for you? Heart-healthy and loaded with nutrients and mono saturated fatty acids, consider adding one to your next sandwhich or salad. If avocado’s aren’t your thing, the Paris Baguette is just as good.

 Definitely a relaxing stop for a casual afternoon date or place to meet up with a best friend after burning a few calories walking the cobblestone sidewalks – which makes us feel much less guilty about the wonderful artisan chocolate choices. The housemade delights were a perfect ending – both smooth and rich all at the same time with a select few that included mint meltaways, lemon lavender, raspberry cabernet and pumpkin creme welcoming the fall season. After all it is fall y’all!

Dark chocolate can be great for you says The Town Doctor, but just like anything all in moderation. Go ahead and enjoy a piece or two….maybe 3. Heart healthy, and chock full of antioxidants, check out the following benefits of dark chocolate when consuming this nutritious snack. We’re always looking for another reason to spend the day in Nashville, and I reckon we just might have to go back to indulge in the seasonal caramel apple truffle. I know we’ll have more to talk about.